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OC stamp by puchidebiru OC stamp by puchidebiru
Let me explain this for all the slow thinkers out there... To save myself the headache i am disabling the comments for this as i dont want to hear the same thing over and over again when people are refusing to read the artists description properly and think its okay to post a comment from just looking at the stamp. I agree the stamp does look misleading at first, but pleaseee for gods sake learn to read!

- I do not in any way mean that i am gonna bash anyones OC. [oh god please pay attention to the description!]

- I don't like when someones OC is bashed. Listen if you put all your love into an OC, you don't want other people to say: 'OMG so unoriginal, go die!!!'

- If an OC isn't gonna become a manga, why an artist cares if its original or not?

- Critique is good for OC's, but only when an artist asks for it.


Let me explain first before you comment.
I saw many people who go like: "I dont like your OC" or "Your OC isnt original enough"
Well if you are like this, why don't we look at your own OC's? What makes you think they are so awesome? <-- i don't actually mean it, it is said to keep things 'fair'.

Well let me tell you. I believe all Oc's are unique. They are created individually, awesome design they have or not they have different characters. I believe OC's are a part of creators heart, what they create is something that they see in front of them. I think it should be respected.

[obviously this is for OC's which aren't referenced/copied from an existing OC, but created from the heart]
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February 5, 2010
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